Mahatma's Letter to Obama

We have to be the change we wish to see in this world, and hence I had myself to take some time off from the heavens and write this piece to you.
Dear friend Obama,
The world today is going through a phase where it is no more between the good v/s the bad; it’s not between the evil v/s the divinity and clearly it is no more between us v/s them. Today it has become us v/s us. Those we are fighting against are our own and those who we are losing in war are also our own. And we have only ourselves to blame for such situation, because we have somehow allowed the bad, the devil, the wrong, the dictatorship, the injustice, the inequality, the ambition, the censor, the darkness to enter our system.  This has divided us in two and we all have become part of a war which can have only one result.
I understand it is hard for you to you to get yourself out of this situation but it’s not impossible either. But you are making the road more tough for yourself by putting curbs on fearless people who have no personal stakes in all this yet they are ready to sacrifice whatever they have only for the sake of truth. These whistleblowers, these fighters for truth are your last hope and they are mine too. You can never win this war by turning your eyes closed to the truth. Truth is the only weapon that all the human beings ever had and will ever have in their fight against the bad in any age. And hence you must not hide yourself from the truth. These whistleblowers, these soldiers of truth have nothing to gain, they do not demand anything more than just acceptance and you must accept what the truth is, no matter how distasteful it is, because only then you can rectify it. I can see many things sitting in heavens which you can never see and trust me when I say this “there is no other way other than to accept the truth”. You can only choose the time when you accept the truth; the sooner, the better it would be for humanity. These whistleblowers are humanity’s last hopes, and although they don’t need your support, on the contrary you need their support yet, you must support them.
I could have directly come to your dreams and communicated this to you but the reason I chose common people to convey my message to you is because as you yourself said this 3 years back and I hope you remembers this “real results will not just come from Washington, they will come from the people”.
This may be the last opportunity that history and humanity has given you, And you must not let it go.
With all the good wishes of peace
M K Gandhi
Om Shanti !!